Low Lustre vs. Flat


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Question Low Lustre vs. Flat

This is probably a stupid question, but I couldn't find the answer via searching unfortunately.

We're looking to paint our house and are considering Benjamin Moore MoorGard and MoorLife paints.

MoorGard calls itself "Low Lustre" and MoorLife calls itself "Flat." Besides that, as far as I can tell, they're identical.

What's the difference between Low Lustre and Flat? Both of them sound like flat, non-glossy finishes.

Thanks for any information!
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I believe the MoorGard would have a 'semi-semi gloss' (low lustre) vs their Moorlife being more a flat finish.. So I understand..
Exterior wise, I would probably go with the MoorGard (for a semi gloss finish)...vs Flat, - for an exterior finish. Supposedly more durable than flat. - But - Im not a painting expert. - Just my $.02 worth.
BM is probably Not the best paint - based on other experts point of view.
Ive had mixed feelings about their products over the years... personally and for my clients...!
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I usually use SWP coatings and very seldom BM's but BM has quality coatings. Most low lustre paints have a little less sheen than satin. Low lustre sheen is mostly visable from an angle.
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Moorlife is a dead flat ideally suited for masonry surfaces. Moorgard has a slight sheen (eggshell) once it weathers a few months and is better suited for siding/shingles. Their Moorglo is a true satin finish.

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