Foam rollers


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Foam rollers

What is the main use of these? Are they ok to use together with regular rollers to paint small spaces?

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Personally I'm not fond of foam roller covers [or brushes] A mini roller has many uses and is especially helpfull on tight areas or when rolling small items. There should be an assortment of mini rollers and covers to choose from at your local paint store.
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Mmm...yes...they are two different things

Foam and Mini (hot dog or weenie rollers)

Mini rollers can be handy, and used with different types and naps of 'sleeves'...including foam sleeves, just like regular full sized rollers

Foam rollers (or sleeves as they are sometimes called), on full sized or mini-rollers are for...well...most of us pros aren't really sure
We almost never (if ever) use them

I guess the point is, they are cheap, and DIYers think that it will leave less stipple (bumps), because it has no "nap" (fluffy stuff)

This is not true...well, it leaves tinier stipple
The leveling characteristics of the paint has more say about how smooth it ends up rather than the "nap" of the roller sleeve

The foam also hold less paint, so it takes much longer to paint the item

I can't think of any reason to use foam off-hand, really
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I can think of one or two uses for foam rollers. Many brands of paint have a suede or sand type paint. They also have a coarse foam roller they sell that you use to apply these products. I have found that a regular foam roller can work just as well as the expensive one is certain applications. Foam rollers are also ok for application of deck stain, until they fall apart.

As for the mini foam rollers, there are some that work better then a brush for putting latex on a smooth surface, such as furniture.
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The only thing I've ever used foam rollers for is rolling on contact cement. Now that I think about it, I also have used it to roll on 3M booth coat (to protect window glass from overspray).

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