which sprayer


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which sprayer

I was looking to p/u a paint sprayer for jobs aroud the house. basically for painting trim, doors, etc. Also for any touch up neededd on the exterior of the house. I didn't want to spend big $$$, but would like one that works well. I saw some @ lowes for about $65-75 (kobalt brand). Any suggestions or opinions on a decent sprayer?
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You will find that the universal opinion of the pros here is that you simply cannot purchase a sprayer that will give you a quality finish at DIY prices.

In any case, you do NOT want to spray inside an occupied house, otherwise you will almost inevitably end up with paint where you do not want it.

For jobs where a sprayer makes sense (doors, shutters, etc.), you can rent a sprayer for not too terribly much money (however, even with a quality sprayer, spraying isn't as simple as the Wagner commercials would have you believe). Otherwise, just stick with a brush and roller. Most things, including trim, do just great that way.

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for a "cheap" but decent piston airless sprayer that will work for a home owner, i.e. occasional use, you will be spending about $500-$600. you may find a diaphram pump that works well for you for around $350-$500. DO NOT buy one of those cheap wagner P.O.S. pumps, you will hate it.

frankly for a home owner it is best to rent a pump when/if you need it. What the advertisements fail to tell people is how much over spray there, how difficult it is to lay out an even finish the first time you use a pump, and how you can create some major injuries the pump is not used correctly. We have all but stopped allowing home owners to use our rentals because they inevitably have problems and are never happy with the end result.
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Yep, I agree!! I own 2 commercial type airless sprayers but I rarely ever spray anything in an occupied dwelling. There are many factors to consider when spraying an exterior repaint. Most exterior substrates benifit from back rolling or back brushing after spraying. You also have to be mindfull of where the overspray will travel
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I agree
Spraying takes intense prep and requires skill (or at least a learning curve)
An occasional painter will not save time over brush and roller
(in most cases)
The chance for big disaster is high
Spraying in an occupied house it's even higher
An even half way decent part-time sprayer would be over 500 dollars
If you feel you must spray, prepping ahead of time and renting a proper tool is the best option
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