Looking for "builder's quality" paint


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Looking for "builder's quality" paint

My mother moved out of one house into another, and us kids are in the process of rehabbing the old neglected house in preparation for sale. This includes painting most of the house. Rather than buying good quality paint, we'd like to use something cheaper, like a builder's quality paint. The idea is that we want to leave the walls attractive and ready for the next person's tastes. We've done a good bit of prep work.

Ideally, we'd like to use an inexpensive latex flat paint with a bit of beige color sold in about a 5-gal bucket. What would be most appropriate for what we're trying to accomplish?

Where can I get such a paint? Skimming through Home Depot I saw two different types of primer. One was oil-based and tintable. I don't want primer, I want someting a bit better. Which stores carry what I want?
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Cheap paint is harder to work with than good stuff. I'd go to a paint store (not a paint department like you mentioned) and tell them what you've told us. Top of the line paint is not going to be the best choice, but you still want to use decent quality stuff.
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Sherwin Williams carries ProMar 200, a "contractor paint" which would be about right for this job. It's half-way decent paint, and not too pricey. Sign up for their "preferred customer" program and get at least 20% off.

Your going to have to ask for it, as it is not listed on their retail displays, but they will most certainly have some in stock, as it is one of their main pro paints.

For any color change, you really don't want to go any cheaper.

Keep in mind that the time savings by using half-way decent paint usually far outweigh the additional cost for the paint itself.


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While promar 200 is in the contractor line of paint it is a better coating than what is generally considered as a cheap builder's paint. Around here most builders use the promar 400 Promar 700 is cheaper yet Promar 200 is my first choice for wall coating based on both it's price and quality.

As already noted above, cheaper coatings don't work or look as good as their quality counterpart. Better grades of paint will apply easier and cover better. You can tell the difference between cheap and decent paint by just looking at the wall. Good paint will cover the wall and look good while the cheap 'builders' paints don't do much other than color the wall. IMO a good paint job will facilitate the sale of the home.
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A builder paint is designed for brand new drywall and no primer. For mom's house, you should prime all walls and ceilings and apply two coats of Pro Mar 200 from Sherwin Williams. Mom's walls have pollution, water damage that you may or may not see, grease, dirt etc. Priming will be the most important coating. If you want to cut down a step, color tint the primer to your desired color and apply one finish coat.
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Ben Moore's Super Hide, Pittburgh's Speed Hide, and the Sherwin Williams product mentioned would be considered "contractors/commercial" paints

Please keep in mind they are for clean new drywall and/or repaints of the same color

You may be (much) better off paying for a little better paint, and doing it quicker (less labor) and in less coats (less product)

I can not in any way shape or form recommend the primers you saw
They are pretty bad actually
And any primer should not be used as a top coat
They collect dirt and absorb water if not coated with paint
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