Type of Paint Help!


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Type of Paint Help!

I have two huge lamps that are ceramic and have been painted (I am sure this was done by who ever made the lamp) they have a high gloss on the lamps. The problem is the color of the lamps are peach in color and it doesnt match my decor. I do not want to throw them out they work fine, I was trying to find out what kind of paint to put on them to change the color. I thought I had read somewhere that I could get a spray paint that would stick to this high gloss and I was hoping to spray paint them an off white paint thats looks like it has some grit or sand in it. I would be ok with it being smooth and I wouldnt mind being able to paint them a burgendy color which would match my decor. But I am hoping someone would be able to tell me what kind of paint I could use to change the color of these lamps or do they not make a paint that will stick to this?

Thanks in advance, Dalla
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I'm sure someone else will know much more, but I would think you could either scuff up the surface or use some sort of etching cream to roughen up the surface & then prime & paint.

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