Painting sequence...molding or walls first

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Painting sequence...molding or walls first

I'm preparing to paint my living room and will be painting the molding (baseboard, chair rail, and crown molding) with an alkyd enamal and the walls with a water base paint. Im thinking that I'll paint the walls first with 2 coats then one coat on the molding next. Is there any reason I should paint the molding first? How long should I wait between coats on the walls?
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As an apprentice I was taught to to paint the ceiling first, walls second and woodwork last. While it is always best to start high and work down, there are times when it makes more sense to enamel most of the woodwork [except baseboard] before applying the wall paint.

Basically you need to decide is it easier to cut the wall color into the enameled woodwork or is it easier to paint the woodwork neatlly to the finished wall.

Paint drying/cure times vary so it is best to read the label for a guide line to recoat times. Usually overnight is best but there are times when it's ok to apply the 2nd coat of wall paint in the same day.
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A common recoat time for latex wall paint is 4 hours, but that varies from paint to paint, and also varies with conditions. Check the can for details.

Also keep in mind that the can tells you about recoat times. The paint will still not be fully cured for weeks. This means no rough treatment and no tape.

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1.) paint ceiling to finish.

2.) paint crown molding to finish.

3.) paint walls to finish.

4.) Paint chair rail to finish.

5.) paint under chair rail to finish.

6.) Now paint all door trim, doors, window trim, windows and baseboard to finish.

This is my method for a pro finish.

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Barring any major color differences between your trim and walls i.e. black to white, here's what I would suggest.

1. Ceiling if applicable
2. Finish coats on all trim but the base.
3. Finish coats on all walls.
When painting above the chair rail, tape off the top the day after painting the finish to avoid splatter ( not as a cut line, your paint will seep under and get on your trim.
My company has been painting this way for 8 years. It's much easier to cut a wall to a 3/4" casing edge than the other way around.
4. Finish coat ( 1 or 2) on the base.

If you wanted to, in between coats of walls you could paint your doors. Give your paint 4-5 hours of recoat on average.
Good Luck. DB

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