Sticky Paint


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Sticky Paint

I use a semi-gloss latex paint on my interior trim and doors. For some reason the paint is sticky, even after several years. I have painted a few shelves with it and if I leave anything on them for any period of time, they seem to stick to the paint a little when I try to move them.

Several of the doors make noise when I try to close them as if pulling tape off a roll. Not a big deal until you try to close the door of a 2 year old who is sleeping!

Any ideas why this is happening and how to prevent/cure it? Thanks
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Yes, semi-gloss latex paint (essentially a wall paint) will often do this
It's not the best choice for doors and it's associated trim
...or shelves or cabinets
A better quality paint will do it less
But your best bet is to use an enamel
Enamels come in oil-based (alkyd) and water-based (waterborne)

You could use a waterborne enamel over your latex paint with minimal prep
That would be the "fix"
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For what it's worth, I second Slick's statement...

Wall paints just don't do very well for shelving, cabinets, and trim for precisely this reason. Up until a few years ago, your only choice was oil-base enamel. Now BM makes Impervo and SW makes ProClassic enamel in a water-base formula that will solve those issues for you.

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stickey paint

I have no idea what causes this ,I have the same problem with paint I got at one of the big box home stores. They won't do anything to help!!!
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Well, I think you have already realized your first mistakes, which were not only buying paint from a Big Box, but thinking they actually know anything about paint.

As was earlier mentioned, latex wall paints just don't work too well for shelving.

They actually can't do anything to help you because they simply do not carry the Waterbourne Acrylic enamels that must be used for this sort of job.

The problem is not tough to fix. Simply go to your local Sherwin Williams and ask for a pail of Waterbourne ProClassic or ask Benjamin Moore for a pail of Waterbourne Impervo. Scuff-sand the surface and clean off the dust. Apply it with a Purdy, Wooster, or Corona brush (work fast, and whatever you do, don't "touch up" or re-brush until the recoat time has elapsed.) Apply a second coat. Wait at least a couple of weeks, if not longer, for the paint to cure. Enjoy your new non-sticky shelving/trim/cabinets...

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to deal with the tacky latex paint - can you paint over the latex with a clear acyrlic spray paint
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Welcome to the forums worker!

You'd need to be more specific about the coating to be used. The best fix is to scuff sand [a little more if there are clearance issues] the latex enamel and then apply a waterborne enamel.
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