regal vs. super hide?


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Question is there a diff between Regal and Super Hide?

Help! I think my painter has used all the wrong paints. I've always used BM regal eggshell finish. he is using the BM Super Hide. my walls are not that bad! any contractors or painters out there who can tell me the difference between the two types of paints??

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Regal vs. Super hide

Let me prefess this by saying i am not a professional painter, but i just completed painting my enitre home and did a ton of research prior to painting. I used all Benjamin Moore Regal eggshell paint. The difference between the two is supposedly the Super hide is used as a builders grade which many contractors also use. I was told that if i am painting my own home to use the Regal, that is also their signature brand. There actually is a higher grade than that but it is rarely used, it is called Aura. The superhide is their lowest quality, then there is Superspec, then Regal, and finally Aura. Many people use the Superhide grade for ceilings. Benjamin Moore is so good that even their lowest quality paint is probably still better than most paints out there. Hope this helped

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There is a huge difference between the two and it's reflected in their price. Regal is about $35 to the painter and SH is about half that. The price difference is reflective of the dry-film performance difference. SH is designed for commercial work where price and easy application are the key drivers, not the performance of the film. In short, you will not be happy living with SH for very long.
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I don't often use BM coatings but know there is a big difference between their good paint and their cheapest line. Regal is one of their better coatings.

It may be that BM's cheapest paint is equal or better than other cheap paints but I'm not in the habit of using cheap paint.

Slickshift is our resident BM guy I'm sure he'll chime in later with better info about the 2 lines of paint.
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Which paint did you pay for? Your contract with the painter should have specified the specific paint that was going to be used.

If the contract says Regal, then that should be Regal going on your wall. Period. As in, he gets the treat of doing it all over again for free if he isn't using the specified materials.

If your contract doesn't specify the paint, let that be a lesson for next time.

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Superhide?? I am in the habit of always using the top of the line paint period!
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Yes there is a difference between SuperHide and Regal
Quite a bit actually
As mentioned, SH is the "builder's" paint, excellent for what it is, but that is a "contractor/commercial" quality
The finish is not up to the Regal quality, and the "super hide" is due to a lot of gray in the paints so the colors do not run true to the swatches/chips

The Regal is the top quality line of premium paints
The finish and colors are much superior to the SH

There's nothing wrong with SH per say, it is a great commercial/contractor/builder's paint
But I really only use SH on garages and rental apartment repaints

Your contract should state exactly which paint is to be used
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