Please help me!! the color I chose turned out too dark.


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Red face Please help me!! the color I chose turned out too dark.

The color I chose to paint my family room turned out too dark. I happened to like the color schemes Lowes had on their interactive web-page. It resulted to be Martha Stewart's color schemes sold through Lowes with the name Valspar. I went ahead and painted the room.
To make this story short the color is a dark bluish green (Wading pool MS335) and I really don't like it too much. I would like to know if I could do something to make it a few shades lighter. Is this possible?
Thank you,
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Please help me!! the color I chose turned out too dark.

Go back to where you got the paint and get something a shade ot two lighter.

When you put paint on a wall the result will always appear darker and bolder than the little chip.

I don't run into the problem too oftern since I personally go for the darker, bolder shades. - Can you believe 3 walls of black olive paint with one wall of dark marble paper?

Don't ry to have the rest of the paint re-tinted, because you will have a hard time matching it.

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put a lighter faux finish on it.

all 3 of the colors i chose are different than what i picked. and change a good deal with lighting changes.
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gonna have to repaint

Sorry to break it ot you but you are gong to have to repaint. Try going to the paint samples that show varying shades of the same color--you know, they start out almost white and end up bold on the same strip. Look for a bold color you like, then go 2 shades lighter. This has always worked for me.

We painted our son's room a deep green called artichoke from sherwin williams. It is warm for a green, and soothing. You may like it better.

Remember, if the next color you try is very light you will need several coats of kilz on the walls before the paint. Adding to the expense of repainting. Also ask for sample cans of several colors and try them out on the wall. It is cheaper than continually repainting.
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You'll probably have to start over

I have used Valspar paint and I was not happy with it. I found a color chip that matched the color I needed to match exactly, bought a quart, but when I applied it it was too dark.

I went back to the store, chose a chip that was slightly lighter than the paint I had to match, tried a quart and it was perfect.

Therefore, I think Valspar has an issue with their paint chips NOT matching the true colors of their paint.

You might want to try Behr paints. I repainted my whole condo with Behr and it was fantastic. The paint doesn't run or splatter like the cheaper brands and the samples matched what I put on the wall.

The previous poster was right---cover the old with a primer paint like KILZ and start over. But I wouldn't go with Valspar again if I were you.
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You do not need to prime just to modify the shade a little bit. That will take more time and money than you need to spend.

At this point, you have a couple of options:
1) You can take the paint back to the store, complain that it does not match the chip, and get some new paint, although it may still not be what you want.
2) Just choose a new color and be done with it.

And for goodness sake, when you do prime, don't use that water-base Kilz. There are several reports here of that crud literally falling off the wall. Behr isn't much better (for priming or painting)

I would suggest heading to your local Sherwin Williams, choosing a color, and plunking down all of $5 for a color sample quart. We've gone through two or three of these for every room and they have saved us many hours that we would otherwise have spent re-painting. These sample quarts are far more useful than those 1" chips.

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Too Much Orange!

OK, I've went too far..........MAB chip, cimeron trail...........Um, can you say Home Depot Orange! I have one coat on, thinking of tinting remaining paint ( 1/2 gal) with some country white that is used for the trim. Any replys on what the outcome might be? Wife says she likes it, would have to GROW on me however. Currently letting dry good.
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fixer - you won't see much difference. To go lighter it only takes about a pint of color to one gallon of white to make it even a shade lighter. Then its just a light orange.
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Yep, That's what I was thinking too. Looks like back to the paint store........Thanks for the reply.

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