unused caulk


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unused caulk

I have to believe that many have experienced the same problem, open a tube of caulk whether latex or silicone, do your project and then attempt to seal the tube so you can save the rest rather than have to thow it in a landfill! I have tried putting plastic over the end before putting the cap on, has anyone mastered how to save/preseve an opened tube of caulk?
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You just need more projects so you can use all the caulk...lol.

Seriously, there are lots of ways, I'm sure everyone has their favorite. Prob depends on whether your caulk is rolling around in your work van, or stored neatly in a cabinet in your garage as well.

Here are some of the various ways I've used/seen. I'm sure there's a bunch of others.

Galvanized nail sized for a tight fit in the hole. Held in with a wrap of duct tape.

Deck screw threaded into the end.

Appropriate size wire nut on the end, with a bit of caulk squeezed into it before threading on the end.

Just a piece of duct tape pushed tight to the end and folded back on both sides of the nozzle.

Most of these will work for a few months. May still have to dig out some hardened caulk from the tip.
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IMO inserting a nail is best. If it isn't galvanized, it may rust and the 1st little bit of caulk may be discolored. It is best to use a nail that is long enough to reach the tube itself, not just the spout.
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I usually just turn a small screw in a little bit. In addition, my gun has a big, long pin to jam down in there in case some of the caulk dried.

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I've tried taping the tip with duct tape, sticking a golf tee in the tip, sticking a metal pin in the end, submerging the tip in water, saving the tip that got cut off the nozzle and inverting it back into the nozzle, and other things. None worked to my satisfaction. Right now I'm using large electrical wire nuts; but, some hardening still occurs over time.
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The trick is inserting something that will go past the tip into the tube and form an air tight seal. I usually use a nail that fits tight enough where you have to use a little force to insert it. I've reused a tube stored this way a month or so later with no problems - other than it might be hard to pull the nail out

If you can't get a tight seal with a nail, wrapping some tape around the tip/nail head may help.
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