OOPS!! Paint got under tape - Now What??

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OOPS!! Paint got under tape - Now What??

Ok, I just now read the sticky on using tape when painting.

Yes, the pain did get under the tape and is now nicely dried to the baseboard. Also a brilliant green from my daughter's froggie bedroom is on the baseboard and the room is now a golden yellow. So, the green sticks out.

What is the easiest way to get this old green paint and the newer golden ylw paint off the base boards?
Do I scrape it off?
Is there a product to take this paint off with?

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I never use that tape. If you buy angled and tapered brushes, you'll never need tape again.

I would sand the base board a little and paint it the correct color.
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Tape can always be problematic, that's why us pros rarely use it.
You might be have some luck with carefully scraping off the offending drips. Products like 'oops' or 'goof off' will disolve the latex paint but unless you have a oil base enamel on the woodwork - it will disolve it too

If all else fails - sand and repaint the woodwork as needed.
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Another idea

Hi - I used painting tape for a while , but as I got more experienced with painting, I learned two things - buy a good quality angled brush, and I also use a flat wallpaper smoother as a protective edge when painting the wall by the baseboards - it is thin enough so that there will not be a gap between the painted wall and the baseboard.

Unfortunately, once you have paint on the baseboard, you will need to sand and repaint the baseboard - been there, done that.........
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A lesson learned there. Paint the base to fix.
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If the base board is painted with oil based and you were using a latex (or other water based) paint and it is within three hours from when you painted it you can use water and a rag to remove the extra paint.

If it has been more than three hours you can use a little bit of goof off (not the stuff used for removing oil base, yes there is a difference) and a rag, rub lightly at it until it starts to come up.

Trying this method could save you a TON of time, instead of just repainting. If you get it up, SWEET! If it removes the paint on the trim, you aren't out any time, because you still haven't repainted yet.

A lot of do it yourselfers run across issues of seepage underneath tape. I have heard alot of advice against tape and just a good angled brush. An angled brush is a good idea, (I suggest a Purdy), but tape is a good insurance policy. Just remember to take it off after it tacks up a little. If you wait until it dries completely you could risk peeling the paint off the walls, pulling up the finish on the wood work and seepage is more likely to happen.
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One more idea

I know that this probably won't help you this particular time, but one thing we do is tape off the woodwork, backfill with a bead of caulking, and paint, (Over the caulking). After applying the caulk, let it set up for about 15 minutes before painting. After dry, pull the tape. Not only will all the gaps be filled, but the line will be nice, and having sealed the tape down with caulking, paint cannot get underneath. Hope this helps
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Hello, I've been in the paint bu:walls. for 15 years I hope you will concider this a pros opinion. If the paint is dry on the base board sand and repaint. there is no easy sure fire way to remove dried paint w/ out damaging the first color.. sorry , hope this helps.........

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