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What is the proper method of old paint disposal,or is there an agency to contact to get rid of unwanted household paint? I've got several cans of partially used paint from the previous owners of my house that no longer match the current colors, and I just don't see anyplace else to use them. If anyone knows of an agency in Southern Calif. that can help, please let me know.
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Call the City or County that you live in and ask for the "County Hazardous Waste Hotline" telephone number. Another route: if "BFI" handles your garbage look in the telephone book for their local Web Site, then look under FAQs, and there you will find the number. Typically, drop off times, days, and locations vary.
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Look on the web for:
National Paint and Coatings Association.

Managing Leftover Paint
How Individuals and Communities Can Help Our

Too much perfectly usable leftover paint ends up in our nation's landfills. And that's a shame for the environment, because leftover paint isn't even a waste product, it's a reusable resource. Paint, when stored properly, can stay fresh for years so you can use it up. And, even when you can't use it or don't want it anymore, leftover paint can be donated to those who need it, or exchanged with others for paint you do need!

The fact is, keeping leftover paint out of the landfill is something you have the power to do, both as an individual, or as a member of your community. The National Paint and Coatings Association, Inc. (NPCA) and its members have developed this site to help you understand and exercise that power, by properly managing your leftover paint.

How much leftover paint is out there, and why it's an environmental issue are subjects discussed in Leftover Paint - An Overview. You'll be surprised by how much paint needlessly gets thrown away.

If you're a consumer with leftover paint, it's time to "Get with the Program!" Check
out NPCA's Six Point Program for Leftover Paint. You'll find a wealth of helpful
information on how to buy, store, and use your leftover paint, instead of sending it
to the landfill. We even have a copyright-free article on leftover paint designed for consumers that you are free to download and reproduce.

And, those of you interested in making a difference on a community-wide level will
want to take a look at NPCA's Community Paint Exchange Guide.

Finally, do you have questions about how to handle aerosol spray paints? Or about steel can and plastic container recycling? Or why you can't just return your leftover paint to retailers and manufacturers? Or do you want to find out about paint recycling? Check out Aerosols, Container and Paint Recycling and Other Issues.

NPCA's Protocol for Management of Post Consumer Paint

NPCA has just released its new Protocol for Management of Post Consumer Paint. The purpose of this protocol is to offer household waste program managers several options for achieving cost-effective, environmentally friendly results. Three major levels or types of household hazardous waste (HHW) programs have been identified: permanent site collection; day or event collection; and those that feature no collection efforts but rely instead on other methods to manage household hazardous waste. The protocol proposes to offer a model to fit each of the three main categories. The protocol also offers information, materials and an online "toolkit" for consumer education regarding leftover paint issues.

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The "County Hazardous Waste Hotline" telephone number is a paint recycling program
(at least in California Counties). Left over paint is combime and then sold or given away to low income families and/or projects.
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