removal of "popcorn" texture from ceiling

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My house has "popcorn" textured ceilings and I want to remove the "popcorn" texture and have just a smooth ceiling. What is the best approach to take to do this? Are there special tools or sprays available?
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With the note that some popcorn ceiling texturing contains asbestos and should be removed and disposed of by Licensed personal, the usual method of removal is wet the ceiling with a garden sprayer, and using a broad "putty knife" scrape the texture into bags for disposal. Asbestos test kits are available and it's a good idea to use one beforehand.

Asbestos dust, even in the smallest quanity, is no joking matter. Scarring of Lung tissue can occur with very limited exposure.

Creating a smooth surface from a ceiling covered with popcorn is a lot of work, with mulitple skim coats and sandings. It is easier to apply 1/4" sheet rock after the texture has been removed. If the ceiling is bowed or sagged, it's easier to rerock the entire ceiling (straightening joists in the process).

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