Painting Aluminum Windows

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I've just moved into an 70's home which has alumimum windows. I would like to paint the exterior but need to know what kind of paint to use & how long I could expect the paint to last before it needed repainting.
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Billie, do you plan to paint the aluminum windows as well? depending on the type of siding you have it will be a little difficult to offer you my best advice, Could you be More specific. A couple of questions for you, What type of siding is it, How bad of shape is it in, Do you have any Idea when it was last painted? It would really help me make a determination as to what is best for your home, also where do you live?
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1. Make sure windows are clean and dry.
Bare aluminum needs to be etched to ensure proper paint adhesion.
2. Obtain and use an aluminum pretreatment solution(a phosphoric acid for aluminum).
3. Prime bare aluminum with a solvent based primer. DO NOT USE AN ACRYLIC PAINT DIRECT TO BARE ALUMINUM. Aluminum will cause Acrylic paint to blister.
4. Apply two coats of a top grade 100% exterior acrylic paint over dried primer.

If propere surface preparation is achieved and primer and top coats have been applied according to manufacturer's suggestions, your paint job should last 5 to 10 years. The reason why some paint lasts and some does not can be contributed to four basic areas.
a. surface prepartaion (proper or not)
b. application (proper or not)
c. materials (quality or not)
d. exposure and climate conditions

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