Factory texture or vinyl, HELP!

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We are purchasing a manufactured skyline home and it is time to pick wall options. The base option is vinyl, all very cheap looking with the seams BOLDLY visible everywhere in the house (the pattern is not lined up to boot) and that thin strip of wood in every corner (trimming?). The next option is a $2,240 option, finished tape and texture throughout. Here is my delema.
There is a vinyl that is a textured solid color (no pattern mis match possibilities here..) do I try to fix the seams and corners myself and save the $, and if so HOW? How much would a contractor charge to come in later and tape and texture over the vinyl if I end up hating it? The finished tape and texture looks and feels like it is impossible to clean. Its like chalk or something. Maybie I should get it and then paint it with a washable paint? AHHH! If I am going to spend that kind of $ I dont want to have to paint as soon as I move in! Everyone please! Help me! I know nothing, so dont be shy, I appreciate any feedback here. Thanks!
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Have you lived in or been in that type environment for any time. A lot of those vinyl(s) give off a small amount of gas that some folks are allergic to like me.
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Kristie,Taping and finishing is a major project.Joints in all corners and every four feet and them some add up.If areas getting patched are not primed properly there is the chance the compound will turn loose in time.I suppose Skyline will have this area covered.Why not check with Skyline to see if they will tape and finish but leave wall untextured and paint yourself.

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