painting metal toddler bed

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I have a red toddler bed that I would like to paint white. I think I need to sand, then prime, then paint. Can anyone help me?
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If the paint is a hard enamel and there isn't much damage it can be wet sanded with 400 grit wet or dry sand paper,
with water to lubricate, rinsed and dried, then spray painted with cans of enamel spray paint. If dings exist sand with courser grit, working to the finer grade while feathering the area. Prime bare spots, wet sand when dry, then paint. Brush grade oil based enamel may be used instead of spray paint. Otherwise you're on track.

Just in case "feathering" means to progressively thin the edges of a repair area over a distance by sanding the
surrounding painted area along with the repair. A properly feathered area will feel smooth when you run your hand over it. Otherwise you'll feel the ridge at the edge of the repair.

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