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I've removed the wallpaper from a bedroom wall that is to be painted with latex satin. I noticed lots of small pits or dimples on the wall surfaces. Will the paint cover them? Or do I have to do something to them before I paint? Help!
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Good afternoon PaintingPeggy, You refer to your wall as plaster. If truly plaster, other than paste on the wall it should be very smooth. Whether plaster or drywall what I suspect you are seeing is glue left on the wall. It can look like various sized craters. If glue not only will the texture of this glue show it will bleed through your new paint job if painted directly over. Try this: sponge a spot a few times allowing time for the water to break down what we hope is glue. If it is glue it should come off in a few minutes. At this point, if the glue is removable you must decide if it is worth your time to wash the whole room or wall. If this works this is what I would do no matter the time involved. If this is not an option for you I would KILZ and paint or KILZ and skim coat anything I didn't like the looks of in the way of pits or dimples.BTW, I am refering to the original oil based KILZ not the water based type...Mike

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