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Hi Mike, first of all I wold like to thank you for your advice on how to remove a popcorn ceiling. The operation was messy but very successful. I removed it, wiped the ceiling dry, and now can see the joint tape and the nails. Here is my question, in a reply to inquery dated 08-10-00 under the heading Smooth Surface, you mentioned few tools to use but did not mention how to use them. For example the 5 or 6 inch drywall blade or the 10 or 12 inch blade, the 100 grit drywall sandpaper????
Note I am using ready made mud.
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Hi Bee40, Well you have asked one of the toughest questions to try to help with online. I think the main reason is to finish drywall well enough for slick walls or ceilings takes no less than many weeks working everyday with a pro. The technique is aquired very slowly. Having said that, if you are one of the few who must master this phase of your project, lets go....1st, thin the mud somewhat, I would say 5 to 10%, you don't want it to pull but you don't want it to fall in the floor to much. A drill with a mud mixer will help more than you can realize until you try it. Fill your pan about half full or a little more. I would use an 8 or a 10 inch blade for the first coat over the tape. Load the blade evenly across it and knock the corners off of it. You will see the need for this the first time you pull the blade across the ceiling. It will fall off at the corners if you don't. Pull the blade across the joint at just the right angle leaving an even bed of mud. Pressing somewhat hard flex the blade and feather each side of the bed and follow with a smooth pull down the middle. Repeat this process with a 10 or 12 inch blade and it should,if all goes well, be ready for sanding. Nail or screw heads are run much the same but stay with a 6 inch blade. A sand pole makes the sanding go much faster and better than by hand but sanding drywall can be done by hand. Here is a link that may be helpful....DIY Drywall......Mike

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