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I have been advised to rag roll my off white painted paneling with a glaze to match my red cutains that have small yellow and green flowers in them. My question is what type of glaze and how do I buy and use it?
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Post, You have me at a disadvantage in that you didn't say what is on the paneling if you know. I'll assume it is latex paint. The only exception to what I say is I'm not crazy about the way acrylic glaze bonds to oil paint without a good deal of prep. If you think it is oil get back for some tips or use an oil glaze.
Rag rolling is a subtractive technique in that glaze is applied and then removed. Tape off ceiling or crown and all trim so finish is consistant from edge to edge. Use a mohair or the best lint free 1/4 or 3/8 nap roller you can buy and wash it out before starting. Glazes show grit and fuzz very badly. It would help if you had a brush person and someone rolling and let one person do the ragging. Ragging technique is nothing more than rolling a rag up a foot or so long and about two inches around in a frumpy,inconsistant way. Cut and roll the room at the same time and roll the rag around the wall in various palces cookie cuttter style removing glaze as you go. Have several rags madeup and change as they stop looking like what you started with as they soak up glaze.
Acrylic glaze is sold at big box stores some art and craft stores. You best bet is a big box store moneywise. Lowes has Valspar glazes and I ahve found them to be very good.
Consistant results are the number one problem with custom finishes but with ragging you should get a very good look.
Here is a link that may be helpful...Decorative Painting Guide...Mike

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