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I am getting ready to paint the white exterior trim of my brick house and have a few questions...
Do I have to pressure wash or is the hose and scrub brush sufficient?
Do I need to use bleach when washing?
Should I use an oil or latex based paint and does the existing paint affect this decision?
How do I hide rusty nail heads?
Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!!!
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You can use a hose and scrub brush, be sure to use a detergent or TSP on any grease or oil spots.

Scrape any loose paint off, you can go as far as to feather the edges of the peeled paint but I usually don't on re-paints with the exeption of door jambs, colums, around windows, etc. Prime any bare spots with an exterior oil primer, recaulk any cracks with a paintable latex caulk, useing a wet finger to smooth and a wet rag to wipe off any exess.

Bleach is not nesasary unless you need to remove some mold or mildew.

I would use a good latex paint unless it is existing oil on the house and most are not. Sherwin Williams make good exterior paints, my preference is superpaint or a-100.

Hide any rusty nails with the oil primer.

Be sure to pick up quality brushes as well ( I like Purdy), a sash brush works well for exterior painting, to get in all the corners, nooks and cranies.

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