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I have a dresser with an slick finish. I used one coat of primer then painted part of it ivory and part of it red. The ivory painted parts did great. The red parts have small bumps on it, it feels damp and smudges, and can be scrateched off. Can I sand it a little and put on 2 coats of primer then repaint the red or do I need to strip it off and start over?
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Site unseen it will be difficult to determin the exact problem, but I'll have a go at it.

If it feels damp, I would assume it is a latex. If it is a latex and it smudges, I don't understand why (give it a day to dry), unless it is a bad batch of paint, I am curious as to which brand it is. You could try and wipe what will come off with a rag and a bucket of water, allow to dry fully,test scratch it with your fingernail, if it does not scratch easily (latex will take a while, up to a week, to fully cure enough for the scratch test, so don't try too hard), if it is good, sand lightly with a 220 grit (to feather any edges)and re-paint with a higher quality paint. If it scratches too easy for comfort, then you may have to remove and re-coat with a higher quality paint.

If it is an oil based that is smudging, I have run across some that take forever to cure, how long ago did you paint it? You may let it sit for about a week and see how it cures, if it dries and does not scratch easily then I would sand the entire red surface with a 220 grit to remove the bumps and re-coat, with a pro pant store brand paint. If it is still un-cured after a week, I would try and wipe what will come off with thinner, let it dry thoroughly and test scratch it with a fingernail, if it scratches too easily then you will probably need to remove the paint and go with a different brand, or quality (some pro paint stores do have flops too). Be sure to reprime if you remove the primer in the process.

Hope this helps

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