Paint that has primer in it?


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Paint that has primer in it?

Someone just mentioned to me a paint that has primer in it that covers in 1 coat. I am sceptical. They didnt know the brand-is anyone familiar with this? Thanks/Jina
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Several different brands claim that their paint is self priming. IMO for the most part this is a bunch of bull. It is almost always better to use a seperate primer when primer is needed. Quality paints always cover better than their cheaper counterpart. Unless there are raw [unpainted] areas, the majority of repaints don't need a primer.
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It's not possible to do in one coat what is done with two primer one top coat.It just isn't.

And like Marksr said,most situations don't need primer.If it's one that does,using real primer as a separate step is far superior.There is a "targeted" use of primer,primers are often selected for a particular need or situation not just "for the heck of it" and a one step product cannot duplicate that.

I would bet if you really investigated how the products can be called a paint/primer combo legally you'd find a very gray explanation.
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I was skeptical too, but it didn't really matter to me. I was simply painting some exterior trim on my house. Paint/primer mixture is made by Behr.
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I can't speak for Behr but SWP has some exterior paints that claim self priming. Basically what that means is if there are minor spots that are raw - it's ok to paint over them without priming. This doesn't mean you should skip priming if there is a lot of raw wood just that if the existing paint is in good shape, it's ok if a small spot or two didn't get primed.
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I think self-priming is garbage. 1cPrm./1tc will always be the best option. It's just a marketing ploy imo.
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There really isn't a self priming paint that is self priming for every situation (that I am aware of).

For a paint to be self priming it needs to have small micro size particles that can penetrate into the raw wood, or have a penetrating vehicle - or both.

There are exterior latex paints that are self priming over bare wood (as long as the wood is not 'bleeding" which would require a separate stain blocking primer). These paints have either all (or mostly) small micro sized particles, or a mix of small and larger particles (like Duration) for penetration and film build.

You can pretty much make any exterior latex flat paint self priming over new or raw exterior wood, by adding EmulsaBond (a penetrating oil) to it.

The self priming paints really don't seal the raw wood as well as a separate primer does in my opinion. On an exterior this is more important on new smooth wood if using a sheen paint, than if you were using a flat latex on rough sawn lumber.

I think the self priming paints can do a decent job where time and cost is an overriding consideration (and it often is). Doing two coats with such will be better than doing a one coat paint job. Using a separate primer and then finishing with a good finish paint will give you the best job in my opinion.

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