Can I apply gloss over paint?

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Can I apply gloss over paint?

Over time, high levels of humidity in the house has caused my satin-finished painted walls to show moisture marks. It looks like someone took a spray bottle and sprayed water down the walls and then it dried. As a result, I have wiped the walls and now it shows wipe marks when the light hits it right. The paint still looks really good, no chips/scratches, marks. Is there a gloss I can apply over the paint to hide all the wipe marks/moisture marks? Or would it be cheaper just to paint the walls all over again? Thanks.
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There is nothing you can apply over the paint that will hide the water or wipe marks. Your best bet is to repaint. You should use a stain killing primer first. Then ask for the most durable satin finish at your local paint store. A semi gloss would be more durable if you can live with the sheen.
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Whenever you repaint, a good step to ensure maximum adhesion is to wash your walls with dirtex or TSP.
Why not try that? If it doesn't work, then you've done prep for the next step.

I wonder if there are some types of drywall that cause effervescing through paint??
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What color are the walls? what brand/line of paint?

TSP is a great cleaning agent although I never use it inside - it must be rinsed well or it can affect adhesion of the new paint. Some paints don't wash well, a lot of pigment [dark colors] can also be problematic.

I agree a thorough cleaning [not just spots] might eliminate the problem and as stated above, there isn't any coating that will resolve this short of a repaint. You'll find the best coatings [advice too] at your local paint store - not a paint dept.
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High humidity will cause surfactant in the latex paint to leach out onto the surface. Surfactant looks clear to translucent white or amber.

The wipe marks are caused from rubbing the paint with a rag. Many latex paints will easily "burnish" when rubbed with a rag. Try using a sponge instead of a rag, this may prevent burnishing.

I would not apply a clear coat. Since you are going to paint anyway, why not just paint the wall with the same paint originally used.

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