Oil Stain--Froze


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Oil Stain--Froze

I just found a full gallon of solid color oil stain in my garage. I bought this in 2003 so it has frozen and thawed several times.

Much to my surprise when I took the mixing stick to it it blended just fine....you'd think I'd bought it yesterday.

So, I'll have to intermix 4 or 5 gallons to do the garage, do I dare use this old stuff with the new? It looks just fine to me.

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I'd mix it well and then strain it before using it! If it still looks good and you didn't strain out a lot of the coating - it should be ok to use. What's the intended use?

Oil base coatings don't freeze although they will thicken during cold weather and thin out when warmed.
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Sorry, missed this one, it's for my garage. There was a small amount of skin on the bottom of the can but it looks good so I'll strain it.

Remember my deck that turned black? Well....found that can, third full, and mixed it to death. Stuck a new stir stick in it and it was a nice light gold just as it should be. When I did the deck I used a mixer on my drill and I guess it didn't get the color off of the bottom. I can't believe I was that stupid, live and learn I guess.

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marksr is right. Oil based paints don't freeze at 32 degrees, water (latex paint) does. So, while it may have been subject to freezing temperatures, it did not (necessarily) freeze.

You would have to ask the chemists out there as to the freezing point of mineral spirits..... but it is not 32 degrees.

Also, freeze / thaw is more of a latex paint problem, because of the chemistry unique to latex paints. Oil based paints will become a paint film by evaporation of the solvent, latex paints are an emulsion, and the particles knit or coalesce together to form a paint film after evaporation of the water.

Old oil based paints sometimes become non-drying, so be sure of this before you use it.

The safest thing to do in this case is to spread out a bit of the oil stain on a scrap piece of wood or drywall etc.. and let it dry. If it applies and dries OK - it should be OK.
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