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I am trying to stain a headboard that is made from an old door(I think it is poplar and unfinished). The trim work is new wood ( I think it is fir) How can I stain the headboard and get the two types of wood to look the same color? When stain is put on the old wood it brings out a red tone. I've tried mixing different combinations of stain together but I am still having trouble getting it to match. Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated. Thanks
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Is it the red tone of the old wood the tone you are shooting for? If it is I would buy one more quart of the same stain you are useing for the old peice and have the paint store SLOWLY tint it with red until you reach the desired match, I would use the back of the headboard for testing. Remember that you can have them add different colors as well, such as black to darken, or yellow if need be, even gold, just be sure to tell them you want to do it a little at a time.

Another alternative is to take the headboard up to the paint store and have them look at what the stain looks like on one piece and try to match a stain for the other. Be sure to go to a pro paint store for this, they match paints for us pro's daily

Hope this helps - Chip

PS, Remember that when working with 2 different types of wood they are going to take stain differently and look different (as far as the grain, knots, etc) and the bare woods themself will be slightly (or greatly) different in color. You may not be able to get an exact match, but you should be able to get pretty close.

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