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I'd like to paint a cement cellar floor (family room) which has some paint left on it, and some raw cement areas. I've tried oil based and water based paints, scraping off all old paint that would come up. All have peeled right off while washing the floor? I've also removed old tile from another room in the cellar because of lifting from moisture. I'd like something that won't scratch off when chairs are pulled away from the table, etc...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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I would purchase a hand held floor scraper from a tile store(not the little window scrapers), the kind that holds razor blades and scrape all the paint that will come up (laying new paint on old paint that may peel won't keep the old paint from peeling) Clean the floors completely, you could even etch the floor with muratic acid, rinsing several times with clean water after etching, i would use a mop and a wet/dry vac for rinsing. Allow to dry thoroughly even if you have to put a heater in the room overnight(a safe heater) The primer I am going to recomend is an industrial concrete floor primer since you are having problems, it is called ARMORSEAL WB EPOXY PRIMER/SEALER GRAY found at Sherwin Williams, it claims you can apply on damp concrete, but I always make sure it is dry, follow the directions carefully and don't mix up any more than you can use in the recomended time, you can't save it for later once it is mixed. Then topcoat with there polyurathane floor enamel(make sure it is compatable, I believe it is) or for better durability you can use a 2-part epoxy paint(even though more durable, epoxy paints are more apt to chaulk or fade).

If you are not willing to go to those extremes I would recomend cleaning as I stated above and just useing Sherwin Williams polyurathane floor enamel, you have to make sure the floor is thoroughly clean and dry.

Hope this helps,
PS - Looked at your site, very nice.
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CHIPFO....Thank you for your advice, i'll try it. And, yes, I have a safe heater! lol. Thanks for checking out the website. I'll be posting a thank you there. Tried to email you but "the administrator disabled email feature" popped up when I tried. Have a great day!
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