Polyurethane coating


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Polyurethane coating


I was looking for some waterpoofing coatings to apply to the expansion joints of a flat roof and I came across a polyurethane coating with an elongation factor of 900% so I bought a 6kg can of this.
After reading tha label on the can I noticed that it stated that it contains "isocyanates". So I started to check a bit on those.
Apparently these can cause sensitization of the respiratory system so I dont think that I will be using that stuff my self. At the moment I have put the can on classifieds for sale but I wanted to ask some questions in case I get stuck with it.

First of all I have read the MSDS document of the product and it doesnt say anything about the dangers of the product after it has been applied.
Are the dangers posed by this product only during the application process or can these harmful materials pose a risk if somebody is e.g. sanding the material after it has dried?

Apparently there are some highest exposure limits and the product says that these should be monitored in the case of insufficent ventilation. I was planning to apply this coating on the roof in the open air. Do you think that I should be worried about exposure limits?

What do you think its the best possible method to reduce exposure to the fumes of this product whilst application? I dont have a respiratory apparatus and maybe even emptying the can into the bucket might cause an overexposure.

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Unless you are extra sensitive to solvents and paints, you'll probably be ok working with it outside where there is plenty of fresh air. You would want to use a respirator if using these type of coatings inside or where there isn't a good supply of fresh air. I haven't bought one in a long time but I think you can get a decent respirator for under $30 american money.

After the paint has dried/cured the off gasing should be complete and the fumes should no longer be an issue. Lead based coatings are the only ones I'm aware of that pose a danger when sanded.

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