What is rustoleum REALLY? What is a spray on rust solution?


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What is rustoleum REALLY? What is a spray on rust solution?

....or is it just feel good marketing stuff?

Can I spray my BBQ grill with the High Temp stuff and expect it to rust less or can I spray items outdoors and expect them to rust less?

If not, what can I spray on things outdoors to stop rust before it stops? Don't want to spend a fortune, but I am sick of rust taking things away in no time at all.

I am tired of covers blowing away in the wind and building structures that can withstand the wind can be time consuming/expensive as well.

I don't care much about the appearance of whatever it is I spray on, just want to know what I can do to stop rust from taking it's toll.

I have a hose reel cart for example. I want to spray it with something to give it a fighting chance.

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Proper prep is key for anything you paint. The substrate needs to be clean, a primer may or nay not be needed depending on the application. The top coat must have a thick enough film to offer long term protection. It can be difficult to get a heavy film of paint from aerosol cans.

BBQ grill - any parts not subjected to heat won't need a hi temp paint but the hi temp or any solvent based paint will be ok. Areas subjected to heat must have the hi temp paint. Areas subjected to extreme hi heat are apt to have the paint "cook" off and will need periodic sanding and recoating.

Hose reel - not knowing anything about the reel I can only guess that it would need to be sanded to promote adhesion and then prime any bare metal and apply a couple of coats of an exterior solvent based enamel like rustoleum. Another option would be to periodically spray or otherwise coat the metal with oil although this method would complicate any future painting.

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