Porch Paint Job


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Porch Paint Job

Hi everyone, New to the community here so bear with me as I wasn't completely sure if this thread should go into this section.

We had our porch painted (supposedly professionally) a few years ago but the paint quickly began to come off after only just a year or so... and after several years it now looks completely horrid... so I need some advice as to how to do it myself and do it properly.

Here are some pictures of the current state of our porch/paint.
You'll notice the peeling and also green stuff on the wood/paint.


I pretty much have no idea where to go from here and would appreciate any advice that can be given.

1) Would the best way to get off the old/crap paint to be to rent a power washer? If so what PSI washer would be sufficient for a job such as this. OR do I have to completely do it manually and just scrape off all the paint myself.

2) I had a friend who suggested that we should have just stained our porch to begin with and have the natural wood color, but now since it has been painted, it is too late to do that? Is this true? I would prefer to just have stained/natural wood looking rather than putting new paint on it if possible... unless the only way to do that is to completely tear it down and put in new wood.

3) If I do have to paint it completely again, what is the best way to proceed? Is there a certain brand/type of paint that I should buy? Should I use primer / several coats of paint? etc etc.

Thank you so much everyone!
I should mention that I am located in Green Bay, WI where the winters are pretty nasty and may have attributed to the quick deterioration of the last paint job.
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Welcome to the forums!

#1 - a PWer makes it easier to clean but it shouldn't be used as a paint removal method. The way I prep a deck for stain is; wet the deck and then apply a bleach/water solution [never stronger than 50/50], let it set and then rinse with a PWer [a water hose can be used instead] Cleaning will remove some of the peeling paint, the rest should be removed by scraping.

#2 - I'd use a solid stain. That way you don't have to remove ALL the paint. Solid stains look like paint but don't need a primer and don't often peel. Since you have a lot of mold/mildew, I'd recommend adding extra mildewcide to the stain.

#3 - You'll find better coatings [advice too] at your local paint store. Paint depts tend to stock coatings based on price rather than quality, they also don't typically train their help well. Usually primer isn't needed under solid stain.

hope this helps,
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I just want to second Mark's thoughts - I would go with a solid body stain here as well, I don't think paint is the best choice on wood which is outside.
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Deck / Porch Restoration Painting

There's quiet a bit of flaking & green stuff which I'm guessing is mold/mildew

I'm going to guess that I will have to start by cleaning, but i'm unsure about how to go about doing that?
Paint Stripper & Pressure Washer? (if so what PSI pressure washer should I try to get)

I believe that there is also another layer of paint left underneath the gray which is more dark reddish.

Once I finish cleaning, would it be possible to stain the wood? Or will that not work since the deck has already been painted.

Thank you so much for any help.

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Oops, I never realized my previous post was moved ... I thought it was deleted and never saw the responses to the previous post. I will try cleaning as suggested and see how much paint comes off.

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