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I own a four apartments and up until now have been painting the inside walls and ceilings by dipping the roller into the pan and slapping on. I am tired of this method. I see there are products on the market to make painting these apartments quicker and easier. I don't want the $29.99 blue light special at K-Mart but I also don't want to spend tons of money. I am willing to buy a decent product at a decent price but do not know where to start comparing. Anybody got must have products or must stay away from products in this area? Thanks.
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When repainting apartments rolling is the way to go, only loose the trays. I myself can roll faster than than the power rollers can keep up with and spraying an apartment that just needs a repaint is really not worth it. Go to a paint store and get a 5 gallon bucket and a bucket screen that hangs in the bucket to roll the roller on, fill the bucket only about half way with paint and use a rolling pole to apply the paint to the wall. Also a good quality lambskin roller helps a lot, get a 1/2 inch.

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I agree with Chifo on the time factor. Once you are comfortable rolling from a bucket and screen you will keep up with anyone on a power roller. If you factor the setup, upkeep and the several hundred dollars a power roller costs it is easy to see you would be a long time saving time or money. I don't know about other parts of the country but no pros use power rollers around here...Mike
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