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I recently watched a home improvement show and they were painting floors that had previously been carpeted? I was hoping for some info on "how to" for this project any help appreciated. I am looking to do this in childs bedroom.
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Are you wanting to paint the floor a solid color or do one of those tile or rug looks?
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In an email moeeom2000 wrote:
I am thinking of doing the whole floor one solid color or with a border! I was thinking of this because I don't plan on being in this house for more than a couple of years and thought this a affordable way to re-floor my sons room that has old ugly carpeting. any ideas appreciated thank you for responding!


Painting a floor for a temporary quik fix is a good idea, first you will want to make sure the floor is thoroughly clean by using a shop vac, for best adhesion use a garden sprayer and a muratic acid solution (read the label on the acid)then rinsing several times with a mop and clean water, allow to dry thoroughly. I suggest going to Sherwin Williams and getting there polyurethane floor enamel, some of these floor enamels are self priming and that is all you need be sure to read the label and make sure it is (so many paints, it has slipped my mind if this is or not) I would use a roller to apply 2 coats, cutting in each coat with a brush first.

I am assuming this is concrete floors, if not forget about the muratic acid and mopping, use 150 grit sandpaper and the shop vac to remove the dust.

Good luck,

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