getting acrylic paint off plastic


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I collect these figures. Some are made of pewter and some are made of plastic. I paint these very highly detailed figures with acrylic paint. I know how to get it off of the pewter, but I am having a quite tough time finding ways to get it off of plastic. If anyone knows how to get acrylic paint off of plastic please replie to this message.

I have found a few examples that haven't showed themselves promising:
Nail-polish remover, melted the plastic
non-acetone nail-polish remover, way to much trouble
Scraping with a hobby knife, would sometimes go to deep
sanding, can't get into the crevices
filing, same as sanding

please reply if you can help!

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Spyder_01, I don't have much for you but if you have a piece to practice on try an organic stripper. I havn't got any brand names but there is one sold around here that is called Citristrip. It is slower that the real chemical strippers but there may be one that won't attack plastic. I have seen others here post info about organic strippers so maybe someone will see your problem and help....Mike
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getting acrylic paint off plastic

Spyder, try rubbing alcohol. It will remove acrylic paint from canvas. If it doesn't remove it from your figurines it might soften it enough so you could scrape it off.
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Adding to Flys household product suggestion: 409, TSP paste, brake fluid (all used by plastic modelers for removing paint on thermosetting plastics, but not all thermoplastics).

A specific brand is "scalecoat" paint remover (try a hobby shop, especially one that stocks railroad models. Still considering thermosetting plastics: most plastic supplies, boat supplies, auto supplies, and even paint stores, will carry one or more paint strippers for fiberglass. Most fiberglass safe strippers are safe for use on other thermosetting plastics. If it's thermoplastic scalecoat will work.
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