Questions about sponging/ragging

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I'm so glad that I've found this site! Our house is a definite doityourself remodel pit, and this site is a great find for me!

I have just a couple questions:

1. Is there a specific kind of cloth or rag I should use if I'm going to rag paint? I just finished my first attempt at sponging in my bathroom, and I LOVE it, it looks awesome. We have a house built in 1932, so you can imagine the condition of the walls, sheetrock, etc. I want to try ragging next, in laundry room and kitchen, but not sure what "type" of rag to buy, or is there a preferred type? Keep in mind I'm not necessarily going for the totally professional look, and I'm on a budget Not using glazing (should I?), just regular latex paint.

2. Next project is upstairs, which is a wide open space, finished, and humidity gathers there like a greenhouse. First I know I need an attic fan to disperse the humidity and heat in summer. However, in light of that, and that it will always be hotter up there, is it still feasible to spongepaint up there? Right now there's old wallpaper that is starting to fall off the walls due to moisture and heat, I want to get rid of the wallpaper and paint. Is my paint just going to run down the walls if I paint up there, from higher humidity? I realize this isn't a lot of information, but I'm already rattling on, sorry. I'll probably be asking questions in another forum regarding installing an attic fan next

thanks for any help!
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I am not much into faux finishes but have done it and seen it done a few times. The interior decorators I watch use rags, sponges, peices of plastic, feather dusters, brooms, etc, etc. I would sugest useing diferent types of rags on a sample board and figure which you like best, I am sure plain cotton is going to give a different effect than say, teri-cloth. I will put the links I have on it at the bottom.

As far as the humidity goes, as long as the finish is allowed to dry and no actual humidity accumilates on the walls you should be fine, if humidity does accumilate on the walls then this is a problem that needs to be fixed or you need tub surround material (slightly joking) If it is just a little more humid upstairs then you should be fine.

Hope this helps.

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I used cheese cloth to rag my daughter's room. It worked really well. Just by a lot of it, you go through it pretty fast.


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