using masking film for glass when painting?

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using masking film for glass when painting?

I have heard that real painters often use a masking film to protect window glass when painting rather than the blue tape. I could not find the film at my local Home Depot. Can anybody tell me if such film does exist, how well it works, and where to get it. Thanx.
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Best I know, "real painters" do not use film, blue tape or anything. They just paint the window and move on to the next. Painters get paid to paint, not tape.
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Painters get paid to paint, not tape

The only masking film I'm aware of is what comes from the factory on the windows of french doors. I've painted professionally since the early 70's and the only time I've ever masked off windows was when spraying the exterior..... and not always then. Using a spray shield is a lot quicker.

If there is a masking film available you'd find it at your local paint store - not a paint dept in a bigger store. 3M [I think] makes a plastic masking film that clings to surfaces but doesn't cling good enough to spray next to it unless you tape it in place.

What is your exact need for this film?
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It drives me up the wall when I see masking tape on windows. Usually the person doing it will NOT remove the tape for several day (or several years in one case I know) and it just makes a HUGE mess besides all the time wasted. Just paint the wood and if you slop some on the glass (being careful will minimize slop) let it dry and then score it along the wood with a utility knife and scrape if off the glass with a razor blade. Much simpler, easier and faster than taping.
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They did make something for a while...maybe still out there...maybe thats what was meant?

It was sorta like a stick of deodorant. You ran it around the glass and paint didn't could just clean the glass with a paper towel and it came right off. Had a little lip so it kept it off the painted surface. Never used it but it seemed interesting.

I'm like Furd.....easier to clean up with a razor blade if needed. Heck...had a neighbor who sorta slopped it on and just scraped it off later...didn't even try to get a good line.

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