Painting kitchen cabinets

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The kitchen cabinets are stained and much too dark but otherwise in good shape. I want to paint them. I've been told they should be stripped first -- that strikes terror in my heart. What about cleaning with tsp and then priming? If that's ok, what kind of primer, sanding, etc.
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Check out this thread....There is still hope!!
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No need to strip, you can use a de-glosser simular to product mentioned by toptosher and the others in the thread posted above, I would still prime however. I personally like to lightly sand instead because not only does it provide a better bite for the primer and help clean off any surface film but at the same time smooths the surface for a smoother finish. The de-glosser will provide the bite and cleans well too, but I would still sand lightly for smoothness. I do not know about the ESP product so I cannot comment on it, I am sure it is a fine product.

The way I re-paint stained and sealed wood is as follows: First clean any furniture polish or wax that may have been applied with TSP or Dirtex, lightly sand with a 220 grit sandpaper, clean away dust and putty where needed, prime with an oil based primer such as kilz, for extra smoothness sand lightly again, wipe away dust and caulk where needed (trim, against walls, inside panel of doors, etc) useing a PAINTABLE latex caulk, wiping smooth with a wet finger and clean up any mess or excess with a damp rag (before the caulk dries or "skins" over) After the caulk dries, paint 2 coats with a High quality paint.

Hope we helped!

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Painting kitchen cabinets

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I'm hopeful -- sanding and priming and painting I can do. It was stripping that scared me. Now, I need just a bit more help with the details. Do I need to take the doors off first? When I'm ready to prime do I work one section at a time? Or go all across the top? Then the sides? Then across the bottom? Or does it matter? Then when it's time to put the doors back on -- any problem putting them in the same place?
I'd like to use latex paint -- nonyellowing because I'm thinking of slightly offwhite and because clean up is easier. What do you think?
Thanks for your help. I'm sure I'll have more questions as this project continues. At least now I know it's doable and can get started.

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