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Please don't think I am cheap or dumb for asking this question. My linoleum is in good condition, but the color
is wrong for the redecorating that I am doing in my bathroom. Can I paint my linoleum in a faux finish ( marble) and if so, how? What kind of prep work needs to be done and is there a special paint that needs to be used and do I need a protective finish for it? Thank you for time.


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You can paint linoleum, I would do this as a temporary (a couple years) fix until it can be re-placed. First you will need to thoroughly clean the floor with TSP to remove wax, floor polish, etc. Sand lightly with a 220 grit sandpaper and wipe up all dust and use a tack cloth or use a liquid de-glosser. Apply 2 coats of Sherwin Williams polyurethane floor enamel, allowing to dry inbetween coats.


Prime with a quality alkyd primer, paint two coats of a quality oil based paint, sand lightly and remove dust, 2 or 3 topcoats with a clear polyurethane (read the label on the perticulure can of polyurethane and make sure it can be applied over paint).

Hope this helps.

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