cement block walls HELP!

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We have just bought a retirement home that has cement block walls.
They have been painted by the previous owner, and it looks like a basement. The building is empty right now. We are trying to warm it up without having to drywall. Does anyone know of an inexpensive way/product that can cover the blocks?
I am in dire need of some help.
Thanks in advance!
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If you are wanting to cover the walls with like a paneling or something then firring strips will be nesasary to nail the paneling to, the same would be true for sheetrock whether you paint the rock or hang wallpaper. If you are simply wanting to re-paint then make sure the block is clean and dry and re-paint with a quality wall paint, assuming it is existing latex on them now.

Hope this helps.
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Thaks Chip but..

Thanks for your advice Chip..What we are actually looking to do is paint the walls in a way that will hide the cinder blocks. Someone suggested lining paper over the blocks.but would we be able to paint the paper? Is there a textured paint that is thick enough to cover the brick lineS?
Thanks for your input.
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I am afraid any paint you use on it will only change the color and not hide the fact that it is a block wall. I am not sure about a lining paper, but if you can put up a lining paper there are paintable textured wallpapers to hang on the lining paper, if it can be done. Post a question in the wallpaper forum, or maybe MikeJMerrit will answer here. Sorry I couldn't help, I would probably use furring strips and hang sheetrock, but if you are not an avid do it yourselfer, then it would be a job for a pro.
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I agree with Chip....

You will have a hard time getting the liner to stick to the foundation. Better to build a 2x4 wall. That's not as hard as it sounds but will run $1000 or so to do it yourself. On the plus side - you can then insulate and make the basement warmer - much warmer - than it is now. I finished my basement 2 years ago. I've already recouped the added cost of insulation from the heating savings (and that is before the tripling of gas prices this winter).

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