Latex primer over an oil painted ceiling. How do I fix my mistake


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Latex primer over an oil painted ceiling. How do I fix my mistake

Short story: I peeled(yes peeled) the paint off on the ceiling in my 1956 home and then proceeded to put latex primer on it. Do I need to start over and scrape and sand the ceiling or just go ahead and paint it with the ceiling paint. I don't know if it matter but I can scratch the primer off with my fingernail.

Long story: We bought a 1956 home 2 months ago. I wanted to start repainting.So I tested the current paint in the kitchen and a few other rooms. It is latex but it is easy to scratch off in the kitchen. So I scrapped but mostly peeled it off in the kitchen. Then I saw a tear in the ceiling paint so I peeled that off at well. Under the paint is a hard shiny yellow surface. The same color for both the wall and ceiling. I proceeded to use a latex prime on the ceiling and when I was done and waiting for it to dry I decided to check the walls to see what type of paint that was. The new exposed paint is oil I think. So now I am wounder if I need to scrape the ceiling and then use 100 grit paper to sand it down and if I can use a latex primer at this point. I also want to sand the walls and use a latex primer on them also. Is this possible and will it last for a while? Also how much sanding is advisable?
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Out paint guru (marksr) should be along shortly but if you're going over oil based paint, I would use oil based primer (latex paint on oil primer is fine).
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Normally latex paint/primer will adhere ok to flat oil paint [which was common when your house was built] BUT latex primer/paint will not adhere well to oil base enamel! Oil base enamel needs a solvent based primer before switching to latex coatings. The age of your house also indicates a high likelihood that lead based paints may have been used. The biggest dangers with lead based coatings is ingestion [kids eating paint chips] and breathing lead dust [from sanding]

What ceiling have you already painted? Unless it is a bath rm ceiling, I'd be inclined to 'gamble' and leave it as is ..... just do the other walls/ceilings correctly

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