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I live in a bay house so there is no attic. In the bedroom that faces west, the ceiling developed peeling paint just along the outer wall and in one other more interior place. There doesn't seem to be a leak or moisture causing these peels. They may be because the previous owners did a bad prime/paint job in years previous. I'm not able to determine why the ceiling is peeling and would like to fix it so it doesn't happen again.

I have scraped the peeling back to where the previous paint seems to be holding strong. Now I have two questions:

1. Should I strip off all the paint with a stripper solution down to the drywall? Or

2. Can I put a primer over the stripped part and continue to put it over the entire ceiling? If the paint is peeling because the previous owners didn't prime first, will the primer and new paint just make the entire ceiling fall down from the weight of it?

Thanks for any replies. I'm sure you can tell I'm no expert in painting problems. I do fine if the prep is simple, but this is a little more involved and I can't find anyone else that has had this problem.
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Don't use a stripper yet, if the rest is holding strong then I would feather the edges of the existing paint with 150 or 180 grit sandpaper, remove dust, re-prime the bare spots (re-priming the existing paint will do little good) After the primer dries re-paint the entire ceiling. It does sound as if no primer was used and the dust from sanding the drywall was left on prior to painting. Use a stripper only as last resort, you will need a lot of protective clothing/gear for overhead stripping.

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