Need help removing gloss paint from doors skirting boards please

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nearly finished the sanding have some final bits of scraping to do and going to finally buff in areas with a cork sanding block. I have been taping sandpaper to my scraper to get in corners working ok.

other issue is I have a hairline crack in my ceiling forming its where the join is it's starting to get a vising line it's not cracked yet but it's in bump across the join. I know it needs pressure removing with a carpet knife then filling yet I am wondering what I should use to fill it best people said use easy fill then other's been saying try polycell ceiling filler.
I want to find something basic really I can mix and use a trowel with. I don't know if I need 3 coats with ceiling tape between layers or what to do. I have artexed ceiling it's stippled.
I imagine I need to buy the tool to do that with and re cover it.
I am unsure if I buy just one thing or several any help is welcome.

thanks :-)

hope all is well on the forum.

not been on as unwell suffering with a few things at once which is not so great! still got the damaged wrist so pretty much out of action atm. thanks all!
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While the correct way to repair a corner joint is to scrape off the texture and retape and finish it - sometimes it makes more sense to just caulk the crack.
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it's actually across the whole joint form edge to edge it's buckled now. it's a large crack.
just had a d.i.y setback most is sanded back to the bare wood. I will be in primer mode so I thought. I got some down to white paint and then I checked and omg nooo another layer of wonderful brown paint is under it and also showing through the white paint back to scraping it off. That black gloss paint and brown is a nightmare..without paint stripper it stays put even with mass sanding it melts then resticks it's self. I have only made it shift with paint stripper and a scraper I have to wait for it to get sticky and bubble then attack it really fast.

I have noticed one thing though with paint if you try to wash paint out of things. I noticed a odd tomato smell yep smells like tomato growth powder to's bizarre rotting tomatoes is the smell I noticed. i stuck something in washing machine and blooming heck rotten tomatoe smell when open the machine..god it's a horrid smell. I had to remove filter as it stays put. I get the urge to run other direction when smell it.

the ceiling caulk it wish I could tried caulk guns before and the one I had the trigger was hard to press in and I was standing wincing in pain trying to get strength behind it, thanks blackspur my hand nearly fell off. I am unsure how best to fill it guess I use the knife remove a bit then fill then do the next bit as removing the whole line in one go could end up with a load of plaster on my head

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