Exterior painting during the rainy season

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Exterior painting during the rainy season

I would like to get some pointers so I can get the best result possible on this paint job of the exterior of the house.

I have already contracted with a company for the paint job, and they have already pressure washed the exterior. I asked them to hold off with the prime and paint, because I needed to do some repairs.

Repairs included some stucco patches, applying new window sealant etc...

Two weeks I hired someone to do the stucco repair. As you know down here in Miami, it practically rains every day. I spoke with the stucco guy the day before, and expressed my concerns about the rain. He said no problem, I will come early and rain doesn't usually hit us in the afternoon. We scheduled to meet early, but he was late, then he had to run to Home Depot to buy materials, by the time he started it was already 11am. I asked him if he should start the next day, he didn't want to, said he would add "accelerant" into the mix and they will dry quick. By 3pm he was about 70% done and the sky was dark. By 4pm the rain was coming down and he was done. He wanted to be paid because he is finished but I was concerned about the rain washing off. Nonetheless he said it should be OK and he will come back if there is an issue. I paid him and when the rain stopped at 6pm, I went outside and along two walls the stucco was washed off. On the two walls he did first, it looked OK except the "feathering" was gone, left with a more textured finished than intended.

I called him and traded text messages back and forth, and after a week of constant reminders he came back, but had to charge me additional $ to finish the job because "the weather is not his fault". Now I will say no one has control over the weather but he was the one who picked the day and time to do the job and it was not optimum. Furthermore, the two walls where his feathering wore off, he now said they "LOOK FINE", but to me, they don't. I end up paying him additional $ to fix the problem, and the end result is only marginally better then my original conditions. Sigh...

Sorry for getting off topic here, but my point is, now I am ready for the painters to come back to prime and paint. Yet it rains almost every afternoon.

Is there anything I can do, to prevent the same thing happening to me that happened with the stucco job? Or just trust the painters to do the right thing?

By the way, the painters told me, the reason my current paint peeling off, is because the last guy who painted it, did it when the wall was wet.

So I am trying to avoid another disaster from happening.
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the painters told me, the reason my current paint peeling off, is because the last guy who painted it, did it when the wall was wet
I would start by asking them how they plan to avoid that problem this time around.
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The most common cause for peeling paint on stucco or block in fla is failure to remove all of the chalk or chemically treat it to bind it up! A damp wall isn't always a problem, in fact when it's extra dry/hot, it's sometimes beneficial to mist the wall with water so the paint won't dry too fast ... not to be confused with trapping moisture under the paint. You also don't want to paint green cement. I've heard that stucco needs to cure 3 days, 30 days and 60 days - nobody seems to know for sure but what I found out is if it cures for 3 days and you use a quality primer/paint - there won't be any issues. You can use cheap paint after 30 days and have problems with the paint fading.

I can't imagine charging a customer extra because the weather messed up my work. The workman is supposed to have enough sense to either stop when the weather gets iffy or take a chance and if he has to come back and redo anything - it's on his dime!

Is your painter going to warrant his work? if so, have you checked his references?

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