Paint for bad walls in a bathroom

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Hi All,

I live in a rental, so I'd like to do what I want without investing too much....

The bathroom ceiling (& some walls) are peeling. From the looks of things, the walls & ceiling have been painted many times. I'd like to re-paint and I know I'll have to scrape or sand the loose peeling stuff. My questions:

1. What type of paint, oil or water based?
2. The walls are in bad shape, uneven, a bit pitted, etc. Is there a type of paint that covers well or hides blemishes or irregularities?
3. I live in a somewhat humid area, does that go into the equation of which paint to use?
4. I'll be (most likely) painting the walls & ceiling the same color. Are rollers (w/ brush for trim) recommended?
5. Finally, the air duct vents are painted shut. Would using a razor around the edges be the best bet? Whats the best way to remove screws that are painted over several times?

Thanks to all!

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Cool I can't believe no one has answered you yet!

I was looking for one of my old posts when I saw you didn't get an answer. I can help you with most of your questions but not #5. Maybe someone else will come along.

#1.OIL,OIL,OIL. Never use a latex in a bathroom (high humidity will cause latex to peal right off).
#2.Try faux painting. Short of redoing the walls this is the cheapest way to go.
#3.Bathroom is already humid, regardless of where you live, so as I said in #1...
#4.Thats fine. Though if you go with a faux finish how you use them may change.

Well, thats it from me. Maybe now that someone has responded someone else will get curious and answer #5.

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