BM/lap marks=depression!!

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I'm depressed! I just bought 8 gallons of BM AguaVelvet-I read your posts about the quality but still heard such good things about them around town so I took the chance, Plus my interior designer picked out their colors. I just painted my family room and I can see every lap mark on the wall. I have never used eggshell finish before-is their a trick to it? Is it the paint? Should I use a flat for my second coat? It looks awful. It took me 6 hours to prep and paint the first coat. I feel all that work for nothing. Will it look better after the second coat? I wanted to do it tomorrow(Sunday) Thanks for your help!!
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As you have read in other posts, I have major complaints with the BM interior line. In this case it may be the paint but you may be able to correct it in your technique: while rolling out a wall section by section, roll out the wall in one direction ( top to bottom ), keeping the roller frame in the same position the entire time so the roller cover nap texture stays the same. Hopefully this will help eliminate lap marks. Let us all know what happens.

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