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I was checking out trying to find a better method of masking off molding in order to paint the walls. My problem is paint bleed under the tape. I tried the paper with the sticky edge, but that was no better than regular masking tape. Easier to put on, but still got bleeding. Perhaps there has been discussion on this topic - I couldn’t find it in the archives.

Thanks, Skip
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The best method I've found is to mask off and then cut in around the masked area as if it wasn't taped off. Avoid getting huge amounts of paint on the tape.This should help with the bleeding problem. Maybe hang around here for a few more ideas......
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Sonnie Layne
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Hi Skip,
Sounds like the area you're masking may have a rough texture to it. That's always a tough one. I typically don't tape anything if I'm brushing, but I do know of a tape you might look for. It's called I think Wet Edge. or maybe it's Kleen Edge. It's white, with blue lettering on it. It seals very well and is easy on the finish. You're going to have to press whatever tape you use firmly down with your finger. In painting without tape, I lay a bead of paint down with my brush. This is not what you want to do with tape applied, because in doing so, you'll be laying excessive paint and inviting it to bleed. Instead, work with a drier brush around the taped areas. Hope all that helps.


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