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I am interested in painting my bedroom in the elephant hide technique. Can you help me with how to accomplish this technique.
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I never heard of a elephant hide technique but this one looks to me like it could be an elephant hide.


-Latex Semi-gloss finish paint in two colors and Acrylic Techniquing Glaze.
-Rags, Rubber Gloves.
-Roller, Brush and Tray.

1. Apply one coat for the base with a roller and allow 4 hours to dry.
2. Mix one part of your topcoat paint to one part Acrylic Techniqing glaze and one part water.
3. Apply the topcoat with a brush or roller in an area approximately four feet square with irregular edges.
4. Twist your rag as if you were wringing it out, making sure it is not too wide or long. Roll the rag upwards between your fingers, into the topcoat. Be sure to re-roll your rag as you are working to avoid noticeable patterns from occurring.
5. It may be helpful to practice this technique on a mat board or a piece of drywall before starting walls.

The book I got this from shows it in a tan, but I bet if you do it in a grey it will look just like an elephants hide.
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Thanks for your help Gini. I found this technique on another site. You put wallpaper adhesive on the wall with roller and then you take white tissue paper and ball it up and then straighten it out and apply it to the wall until the whole area is covered. You let this dry for 24 hours and then you paint.
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Yea, I have that technique in my files somewhere but this one looks just like it but no tissue paper. Have fun what ever you do.

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