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Sonnie Layne
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To all members and especially to the moderators of this forum, my name is Sonnie Layne and I've just recently discovered this forum even though I've had a link to on my new website. It's exciting to me to be able to discuss things I know about. I own a company in Dallas that has a most preferred clientele. Some of my clients are artists (both graphic and traditional), portait artists, and art directors. It's an honour that such folk would entrust their homes with my craftsmanship as a painter. Unfortunately I am being called on more and more to do other jobs than painting. No limits, I say, but in the process I'm being drug off what really inspires me.

You will note a number of responses on this forum that I have made just recently to inquiring minds when I feel I have something to add or advise to the subject at hand. I hope it's a welcome addition to the forum. My main intent is to continue to learn, and I have learned from the posts of the moderators and contributors who specialize in the art of painting.

I may have been born into the trade via my father and grandfather, but they're not around any longer, and I still hunger for the advise of painters around the world to advance my skills.

I look forward to many intelligent, timely and important discussions with the "regulars" on this site.


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WELCOME SONNIE! This forum is for helping DIYer's and discussing painting and technics, any added comments are welcome. Just remember every painter has his/her technics and even though they may differ from others does not nesasarily mean they are wrong, so many paints and technics it is impossible to list them all. I have read your posts and it seems to me that you are a pro painter and any help is appreciated, sometimes I am just too busy to answer all myself, thanks to the other moderators and painters on this forum as well.

Have fun.
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Sonnie, You obviously have great knowledge of the painting trade. You will be well rec'd on this painting BB!
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Sonnie, Welcome to DIY! Fun isn't it. Your posts seem to be right on and with the many different lines of questions here all help is welcome. We seem to have put together a fine little crew here with Chipfo, JDX, BobF, Toptosher and of course Gini working on the details. I hope I havn't left any regulars out but know I have because I'm here very early in the morning. Feel free to jump in on anything I'm working on here or in Wallpaper if you have an alternative way to accomplish a painting project because with so many readers someone will always benefit. BTW, my brother and his wife are lawyers in Dallas so if they need some of that fine high end work....Mike

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