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We recently purchased a house in which the previous owner started to paint the paneling, I assume with a white latex paint. It appears that she tried to remove the paint - it looks like some one tried to scrape it off with a screwdriver or some other type of tool. Is there something I can use to remove the rest of the paint? She only painted one or two panels before she bacame too ill to finish the job. Also, how can you tell in older houses whether the paint is oil or latex?


Joan B.
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Sonnie Layne
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Hello Joan,

I'd recommend to finish painting over stripping personally.

As far as the latex/oil question. I know there's a tip, but don't remember. I'm sure one of the other pro's has it on the tip of their tongue. I usually peel off a bit of paint and touch it with a Bic lighter. If it melts, it's latex. If it burns and smokes, it's alkyd.

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Since most of the cheaper paneling is simulated wood grain then a stripper may very well destroy the surface of the paneling, as will sanding, if you were to try either I would suggest trying in a hidden spot to be sure.

To test dry paint for latex or oil you can use a product called Goof-off on a rag, rub a small hidden area of the paint in question, if it starts to remove the paint then it is latex, if it does not, leaving the rag clean, then it is oil based.
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Sonnie Layne
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Yeah forgot about the goof-off, Chip. There's another trick I don't remember, tho' using some household stuff like vinegar or ammonia... I'm passing a brain stone at the moment, hehehe. If I recall, I'll pass it on.

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Well Sonnie, there's one more trick out there. Put some denatured alcohol on a rag. Wipe it on the painted surface; if it comes off it's latex.

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