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Hi,i'am thinking about having my house painted and i would like some input as to how pricing is done.Do you pay seperate for baseboards,windows,doors,etc?And if so how much?Do you pay by footage or how.Thanks for any replies.
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Sonnie Layne
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There are probably as many formulae for setting rates as there are painters. I have a rate per room that I work from. If the room is larger, I add to it. The base rate includes ceiling, walls, Base mould, one door, two windows. It allows for one ceiling colour, one wall colour, one trim colour. Adjustments are made up or down depending on so many variables I would be typing til noon. If you're looking maybe to save some money, you could ask your contractors to give you separate bids for painting walls and ceilings only, another to include trim. It wouldn't be appropriate to use the separate bids to hire two different contractors.


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For repaints I am sure there are as many methods of bidding as painting, as Sonnie stated. The prices are going to change depending on the quality of job preformed, and a lot depends on the area you live in, here in TX the prices for painting are lower than most other states, but so is the cost of living so...

I charge by the square floor ft on new homes, about $2.20 per floor ft, that includes interior and exterior from floor to ceiling and everything inbetween. I do a top notch job, and most general contractors will call back after I do 1 job for them. For repaints I charge slightly more because of carpet, tile ceiling fans, light fixtures, outlets, appliances, etc. Plus repairing any damage to the walls and woodwork is in the bid, I need to see a house in order to put in a bid for a repaint, I do not bid site-unseen.

Your best bet on getting a fair price in your area is to get 2 or 3 bids from seperate contractors.

Hope we helped.

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