Re-painting refrigerator?

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We just bought a house and all the kitchen appliances are white, but our 3 year old refrigerator is almond. Is there any way we can repaint the fridge white to match the stove and dishwasher?
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Sonnie Layne
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You can, but unlikely you'll get the finish you want without spraying it. If you have a sprayer, let me know and I'll fill in the blanks.

Otherwise there may be another bit of advice available from someone else. Stick around and see.

My best

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Rustoleum makes a product that you can use to spray paint your appliances. They sell it Lowes, Home Depot and Kmart.
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Sonnie Layne
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While that's true that you can buy spray cans (but not necessarily quarts or gallons) of Rustoleum even at K-Mart or Target (even Sears). It's unlikely that unless you are accustomed to spraying finishes with rapid drying qualites that you'd get a factory finish. I didn't mean to imply that such products aren't available, only that depending on your equipment and expertise, different products would be recommended. Thus I was asking what we had to work with.
An acceptable job can be attained with a spray can depending on the quality of the manufacture of the spray tip, the variables of pressure from one can to another, how well the product is mixed, but especially the understanding of the end user as to what they have control over, or don't, and the methods used to control said variables to effect a desirable result.
All that having been said, I just yesterday helped a client (I was painting walls and refinishing floors, she wanted to paint the metal kitchen cabinets) mix the rustoleum with naptha and Penetrol for brush application. She got a wonderful result. She didn't want any spray equipment in her property.

Sorry for the dissertation, must be time for my writer's forum again.

my best and good luck fleebird (whatever that is, haha)


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