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I am painting an old house, and there are many areas that are peeling off. What tools should I use, and what are the methods that I need to know to paint the house. The paint I have on the house is oil based, and pretty much old. Is the water gun helps to clean/sand the surface? What is the best way of scraping? My most concern about the painting is the preparation. Also, would it be a good idea to buy the tools, or is renting better/cheaper? Should I use a brush or a roller?

I very much appreciate for your advices, and would like to thank you in advance.

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Sonnie Layne
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Hello Baki,
You asked many questions (here in Texas we call it a mouthful), maybe we can keep you from falling off the deep end...

First thing I'd do is rent a power washer and blast everything off that will come off. Allow two days to dry. Be a good idea in one of your rinse cycles to inject an algaecide (Consan 20-20-20 is great) like you'd use in a pool to kill mildew, mold etc.

Second, make sure you have the ladders to reach the high areas comfortably. well, comfort may be out, but you know what I mean.

You'll need scrapers and a power sander.

There's an art to using a scraper. Pros will have different scrapers filed at different angles (pitches) to either scrape deeper or more lightly. Just buy a 1" and a 2" scraper to start with and a file to sharpen them. For the areas that need to be persuaded with a scraper, run the scraper across the surface (with the grain of the wood) in rapid strokes, moderate pressure. Every 10 pulls or so, and it's time to sharpen the scraper. keep the angle of the filing the same or your angle of attack will change as well. Hard to describe all this in a quick note.

Before moving on, I prefer to go ahead and sand that area. A 4" or 5" random orbtit sander, velcro pad, 80 or 100 grit paper.

Then, before moving on, I spot prime the area with a brush or 6" Whizz roller.

Better stop here,I know you've got questions already. At any rate, no sense in talking about the finish coat as you may be several days/weeks away from that.

Any questions, just ask.

my best


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